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Surrogacy agencies in the US provide a range of services including surrogacy matching, legal assistance, and support throughout the surrogacy process. On paper, surrogacy agencies may seem like the perfect option for people who cannot, on their own, have biological children, but many agencies engage in unethical practices. For instance, The New York Times reported that a surrogate had not been fully informed of the risks associated with the process. Furthermore, some agencies refuse to work with surrogates whose annual income is deemed too low. Many agencies even suggest that surrogates are performing charity work for intended parents—an idea that allows surrogates to be under-compensated, since their work is seen as an act of altruism. Centering surrogates, not the agencies or those who hire them, allows us to acknowledge the realities of surrogacy, in hopes that the job can be taken more seriously and compensated fairly.

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