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What is one thing that celebrities Andy Cohen, Tan France, Anderson Cooper, Neil Patrick Harris, and Elton John all have in common, aside from their sexuality? You guessed it! They have used surrogates to produce children. Affluent gay men have become the face of pro-surrogacy campaigns, and even though they aren’t the only surrogacy clients, more gay men are hiring surrogates than ever before. A 2016 study by Fertility IQ, a fertility data service, found that 10-20% of donor eggs go to gay men, up 50% from only five years prior. This isn’t terribly surprising considering that gay men have the highest household incomes ($123,600)  of all couples, a number that is 20% higher than heterosexual and lesbian couples. In general, surrogacy clients—LGBTQ+ or not— tend to earn higher incomes, have college degrees, and live in large cities. With more affluent gay men being encouraged to share their stories regarding surrogacy, gay men will likely remain in the forefront of conversations about surrogacy. But what about the surrogates’ experiences? 

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