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“Sexual Education,” a British sitcom that premiered in 2019, tells the story of a high school boy whose mother is a sex therapist. A Daily Beast article, which claims that Sexual Education is “definitely the best series on Netflix right now,” describes the show as focusing on “how anxieties, misconceptions, and, to riff on the title, bad education can be irreparably damaging, particularly in such formative years.” Part of the reason why the show has received such acclaim is that it manages to approach sex in a way that is educational, inclusive, and destigmatizing but not overly preachy nor formal. The creators have made nonheteronormative conversations about sex mainstream and palatable to a wide variety of audiences through endearing, diverse and vibrant characters and relatable, true-to-life storylines. While Sexual Education has garnered significant attention, it is far from the only conversation taking place about sex ed. For more information about pleasure and sex-ed in pop culture, please check out the following links. 






TV Shows

‘Orange is the New Black’

‘Big Mouth’ Vagina Shame Season 6 Episode 3

‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’


Podcasts (Spotify and Apple Music)

D is for Desire

Dying for Sex

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