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What we can learn from activists, both past and present, is that sometimes actions for social change require seriousness, and in other moments they are best served with irreverence, humor, or playfulness. The Guerilla Girls, for instance, popularized using seemingly ridiculous tactics to highlight the absurdity of the status quo. The group of feminist activist artists, which initially formed in New York City in 1985, used “culture jamming” or “guerilla communication” to fight racism and sexism in the arts and more broadly. The group’s “guerilla” tactics include staging public arts-based interventions, including pop-up exhibitions, art-informed protests, and purchasing huge billboards to display their iconic protest posters—all while wearing gorilla masks to preserve their anonymity. The Guerilla Girls make clear that we need ways to resist that cultivate joy, wonder, and laughter, just as we need to find ways to use pleasure to generate better resistance. The Reproductive Justice Mini Golf course has set out to do precisely this work. And we’re so glad you’ve decided to join us! Onward! 

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