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CPCs comprise the largest component of the U.S. anti-abortion movement. They perpetuate rhetoric that threatens reproductive justice by employing gender essentialism, or the idea that all women long to reproduce, and thus are harmed by abortion. Take this short quiz we created to see just how difficult it is to decipher which building is a legitimate abortion clinic and which is a CPC. As the number of abortion clinics shrinks in a post-Roe world, the threats CPCs pose increase. One strategy that CPCs use is to delay people’s access to health care. As fewer states offer late-term abortions, delayed access to healthcare can result in people who otherwise could have obtained an abortion nearby being forced to travel significant distances to obtain the procedure later in their pregnancy. As worrisome, CPCs in states where abortion is now illegal are set up to aid in state surveillance and potentially even the incarceration of people who obtain abortions.

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